Tea Logar earned her Ph.D. in philosophy from Georgetown University, Washington D.C., in July 2009. In the years 2003-2008 she worked as a teaching assistant and instructor at the Philosophy Department of Georgetown University, where she taught courses in philosophy, ethics, and bioethics. In her doctoral dissertation, entitled Exploitation in Personal Relationships: From Consenting to Caring, she analyzed the concept of wrongful use in personal and intimate relationships, and she explored the topic further in her book, published in May 2012 by Krtina Publishing House, entitled People as Means: Exploitation in Personal Relationships.

After returning to Slovenia in 2009, she became more interested in certain bioethical issues, and has produced articles and presented talks on various topics in reproductive ethics (surrogate motherhood, IVF, abortion), end-of-life issues (euthanasia and PAS), and neuroethics (cognitive enhancement, gender & neuroscience, free will, grounding of ethical norms).

She now lives in San Francisco, where she is involved in a global health ethics curriculum development at University of California, San Francisco.


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